Sa Wakas

Written by Kring Elenzano on August 21st, 2014. Posted in Love and Relationships, Personal


Maraming bagay sa buhay ng tao ang hindi agad nabibigyan ng kasagutan. Minsan, taon ang inaabot bago mo maunawan kung bakit nga ba nangyari ito, bakit mo siya nakilala at bakit ito ang landas na napili mong tahakin.

I Do ay isa sa pinakamalaking kasagutan sa mga palaisipan ko sa buhay. Hindi ko maide-detalye ang lahat, ngunit ngayong araw, pagkagising ko, sa wakas, ako’y naliwanagan na. Para bagang bumulong sa akin ang Diyos at sinabing, “ngayong handa ka na, dali, tignan mo kung paano ko binuo ang mga plano para sa iyo”.

Naisip ko na kaya siguro ako nag-aral sa UST ng kursong Communication Arts ay upang ihanda ako sa industriyang ito, sa harap at likod ng camera, at makilala ang mga taong makakasalamuha ko rin ilang taon matapos akong mag-tapos.

Kaya naging bahagi ako ng isang media organization noong kolehiyo, kung saan nakasama ko ang ilan sa pinakatalentadong mag-aaral ng aming panahon, ay dahil kaming lahat ay magkakaugnay noon pa man, ngayon, at hindi ako magtataka kung pati sa hinaharap. Hindi ko akalin pero sadyang nakatadhana nga ata ito.

Makeover Philippines

Written by Kring Elenzano on July 5th, 2013. Posted in Beauty and Fashion, Contest, Personal

So last month, I held a Kring Elenzano’s Birthday Makeover Bash contest and the number of people who joined was just overwhelming! Thank you to everyone who participated and how I wish I could make all your makeover wishes come true! Don’t worry, we’ll have mooooaaaarrr! ^^ So one lucky girl won – Lady Anilin aka Leian and this was her transformation. [click to enlarge photos]


Our shy, unsure girl from Laguna~

So Leian is a fresh nursing grad, an RN actually who’s currently looking for work. Apparently, she has her hair cuts in barber shops. Wow. I really hope this makeover would be a “fresh start” for her and could help her confidence in finding not only her work but also her real passion.

We met up at the fab Hair Click Salon at Bel-Air to have the most important part of her makeover – a new hairstyle.


Is that Big Bang over there at the lower right? Ohyaaasss it’s certainly them! LOL.

We encountered some dilemma before we even started because she had her hair rebonded AND dyed black. BLACK. Who in their 20′s dyes their hair black??? Kids, remember, you cannot have lighter hair color if you go black. The stylists we really concerned about it but they eventually found a way to make it work. ^^


Counter clockwise: Korean stylist, Ms. Lynn Park works her magic on Leian!!! ; All bang’d up, baby! ; Colored her hair and IDK what that apparatus is but it must be for the dye. ; Getting her much-needed trim.

Fandom Realities

Written by Kring Elenzano on May 22nd, 2013. Posted in Fangirl, Personal

I slept late last night reading my old livejournal, one that I kept in 2005-2007, back when I was a legit, crazy Johnny’s Ent./Jpop fangirl. It was indeed bittersweet and I suddenly missed my old fandom friends – people whom I spent hours in a day with, just spazzing over Yamapi, Nino or Tegoshi.

95% of them were foreigners and I exchanged snail mails and presents with them, called them overseas and even hung out with them when they visited the Philippines. Now, I don’t even remember most of their names, let alone how they looked like. And for that, I felt it was apt for me to repost this entry here, which I wrote on April 23, 2006 because it’s timely and it’s the truth. These are but some fandom realities.



If you are reading this, chances are you’ve been or you’re part of a fandom one way or another. Perhaps you spend a lot of time online, trying to learn more about your idols (Asian or Western) or your favorite TV shows and movie franchises. There’s a big probability also that you’ve purchased their DVD’s, downloaded their pictures or watched their concerts live. There’s something really exciting about being part of a community that shares the same interests with you. However, I think many people give too much to their fandoms for their own good. I should know. I am one of them.

This is not even about wasting away your parents’ hard-earned money for a limited-edition boxset or failing your exams because you chose to do the layout of a website instead of studying. This is about making friends with fellow enthusiasts whom you meet online (or otherwise) and trusting them with your life, when the sole thing you share anyway is your desire to get in your idols’ pants.


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