Maybank Secure Online Shopping

Written by Kring Elenzano on November 27th, 2013. Posted in Advertorial, Gadgets and Tech

One of my most favorite things to do online is booking flights and hotels for my travels. I sweeeeaaaaar I can spend hours on it and when I get to book them on SALE, my excitement and joy are just unimaginable.


However, these airfare sales and even the deals on group buying sites are often limited by time and quantity and you have to fight like a warrior to get the best deals at the cheapest price. If I don’t have credit card, how the heck will I survive the jungle that is the world of internet shopping?! I will be eaten alive!

Thankfully, I can pay with credit card online. However, not everyone is as comfortable about submitting financially sensitive information online as I am. It was surprising to find out that some people even still go to payment centers or convenience stores though they have credit cards! Well, our friends from Maybank have come to assure us that it’s perfectly okay and we need not worry.

Maybank Credit Card through Maybank Secure Online Shopping aka MSOS is here to the rescue!


Maybank encourages its cardholders not to miss out opportunities of having adventures, creating memories or discovering new things by providing a safe and secure solution for online shopping.

UNIQLO LifeWear Shopping Challenge

Written by Kring Elenzano on November 21st, 2013. Posted in Beauty and Fashion, Blog Events, Blogging, Events

I know I have been MIA for quite a while now (and you’ll eventually find out why) but allow me to break my “silence” even just for now. UNIQLO is opening its latest branch at Robinsons Place Manila, which is literally just a tumbling away from the condo and to celebrate this new milestone, they invited some people to be part of  the UNIQLO LifeWear Shopping Challenge! 

You might be surprised that I’m blogging about an event but this was no ordinary event -  I got to be a stylist for a day, bitchazz whoohoo!!! Okay, FYI I had noooo idea I was supposed to style three other people for this activity and I was actually quite shocked during the briefing. But no regrets! It was loads of fun (albeit a bit stressful, too hahaha) [click to enlarge photos].


So the mechanics were:

There were five teams all in all. Each team was composed of one fashion blogger [HOW DID I FALL UNDER THIS CATEGORY LOLZ], a student, a call center agent and a DJ.  Each team was given a budget of Php 15,000 to come up with four different looks:

  • School is Cool (student/athlete attire)
  • Casual Fridays (everyday attire) 
  • Manic Mondays (employee/callcenter attire)
  • Flash Fashion (party attire)

And we had to shop for the 4 outfits in just 60 minutes!!! #StressDrilon but #TinaFUNer Did I mention that I have not really styled for other people before?

However, we were able to accomplish the goal and these were the “looks” that I, with the help of my teammates was able to put together. Given the limited time, I basically just told them at the beginning what looks have I envisioned for them, what colors to get and showed some pegs so they could look for the pieces themselves. And then at the fitting rooms, we just did adjustments and tweaks until the ideal look was achieved.

1. SCHOOL IS COOL (Student)

Renzo Miguel is a freshman Business major in Enderun Colleges. As a business student, he is required to go to school wearing corporate or at least smart-casual attire. The challenge was to come up with an outfit for him that would not look similar to the “Manic Monday” ensemble.


White Oxford Shirt – Php 990 (originally Php 1,290)
V Neck Sweater – Php 1,290
Khaki Cropped Pants – Php 790
Argyle Socks – Php 590 (for 3 pairs)
TOTAL: Php 3,660


Look at that dashing young man, wearing a Uniqlo wrist watch! ^^

How to Play Bingo Korean Style

Written by Kring Elenzano on September 14th, 2013. Posted in Advertorial, Gadgets and Tech, Korea

How to Play Bingo Korean Style

It’s 75/90 Ball Combined


South Korea, a country known for K-Pop, delishaz food, fast internet connection PSY and the electronic giant Samsung; is now including another item in their repertoire - Bingo. However, they have a very different and interesting way of playing this classic card game (actually, they have a interesting ways of doing a lot of things)~ Instead of using an outline per round, they combined all three to make their own unique patterns. Imagine putting together the rules of 75 and 90 Balls; and you’ll get a clear idea on how to play the Korean version of the game.

The things you’ll need:

· Special game cards printed from Print-Bingo with numbers from 1-75
· Choose either a 5×5 or 3×3 card grid
· Colored Bingo Markers
· Numbers written on balls to be drawn
· Tambiolo (loosely translated to lottery drums) where you’ll place the balls with numbers

How to win?

Similar to the rules of online bingo, the participants need to complete a pattern. Based on CheekyBingo on Twitter, there are various patterns you can complete: square, diagonal line, parallel line and blocked out (all numbers must be called out). However, Korean bingo works differently. In order to win, you need to complete all three lines: diagonal, vertical and horizontal. Yep. Because success is sweeter when you’ve worked hard for it. LOLZ.


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