FunnySexy Videoblog: I’m Yours

Written by funnysexy on December 5th, 2007. Posted in Celebrity, Love and Relationships, Pop Culture, Video Blogging


Yes, kids. I bring you another stupid video of Kring. After Coy won a $100 in the FIlipina Writing Project for his entry about the Funniest Filipina vloggers (which featured me oh gawd please don’t ask why I know I’m friggin’ corny alongside HappySlip and Tanggera), I kinda got pressured to do another one.

So one rainy afternoon, whilst the Philippine military was wrecking the main entrance of Manila Pen during the recent coup d’etat, and the lights were set up at our office for Amanda Griffin’s VTR (who, btw is madderfakken gorjas), I thought,”Hey! Why not make a total fool of myself like I always do and post the video on the net to impress guys and perhaps get Victor Basa to propose to me?!”

Hence, this crack.

PS: I love this song.
PSS: I’m not from UP. That’s just a jacket I borrowed from a friend (as it was cold) andďż˝I’m sure that when I go back to my alma matter, a random growling tiger will eat me alive.

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  • jaywalker

    Nicely done. Is that a really white background or did you use a bluescreen

  • reya

    aba. astig.. naalala ko na meron kaming dapat gawin na music video…

    wanna help?

  • cokskiblue

    Damn, I could watch this all day, Kring. :) Very nice job! PArang naubos mo na lahat ng puedeng gawing movements sa video. Hehe. :P

    The white background, jason mraz, the jacket :), everything was TEH LOVE! You’re a natural. Please make more videos. Pwweease.

    Collab na! :D

  • funnysexy

    @ Jaywalker
    Yups, that’s really a white wall. Which was made kinda yellow by the redheads.

    @ Reya
    Basta ikaw, labs kita at malakas ka sakin eh! Magkano? :D

    @ Coy
    Aaawwww… You’re so sweet! (I’m actually chatting with you right now. Hehe). And yeah, collab, please. YOU. ONCAM. GAME.

  • Darla

    Ah! That was so cute! Nice way to start my morning. :)

  • Ade

    (seeing stuff like this makes me miss doing CA-related stuff)

    Cute overload! ZOMG!

  • funnysexy

    @ Darla
    Oh, girl.. How I miss you? Can you show this to yoru Japanese friends and maybe they can make me a superstar there? XDXDDD

    @ Ade
    So you mean you don’t do any CA-related stuff? You’re in a band! Have you forgotten that our course is supposed to be all about “SINGING AND DANCING”?? LOL.

  • Ade

    No, I don’t do CA-related stuff! Not when I’m stuck in a cubicle, chained by a headset to an IP phone, taking to rednecks and teaching them how to fix their DSL modems.

  • Joe

    You’re a natural!

    I could use something like this to cheer me up any day. Hehe, and I look up to your lip-syncing skills. I do this in front of the cam too but I’m not as good as you. =) You just had another fan.

  • shokizuki

    I love the ending credits XDDDD Kala ko magsa-spongebob squarepants ka na song XD *goes off to pimp the vid XD*

  • finch

    and btw you’re hotter than amanda-gorjas-Griffin :)

    What is your second favorite flavor of ice cream?

  • poyt

    Haha! Cute and funny! Give yourself more speaking parts. hehehe.

  • funnysexy

    @ Joe
    Thanks! ^^ I’m such a camwhore, it actually scares me sometimes. Hehe.

    @ Shokizuki
    spongebob? Haha! Whoexactly did you pimp this vid to? LJ peeps?

    @ Finch
    Why, thank you! Uhm, I like chunky cookies and cream , too.

    @ Poyt
    I will, don’t worry.. I got some ideas lined up already. Thanks!

  • rowmel

    i found this boring… you should have your vocals on the track, hahahaha. this would be the first time hearing this song and now it will remind me of this blog forever, sorry, lol.

    I could have sworn every time I complained how slow my internet was (on the ISP’s end almost all the time), the person was from the Philippines.

  • cigarette_girl

    naligaw sa site. you look so adorable in the vid. i remember the music vid we had to do for comm3 back in college, this would’ve been good. :)

  • theboyfromsmallville

    Hey. Got directed here somehow while blog-surfing.
    Cool blog! Great writing, too.
    Can I link you up?
    And if yes, can I have your name? *points to my blogroll*

    Thanks, thanks.


  • Ade

    Kring, Merry Christmas!

  • SELaplana

    hi! interesting. baka ako magvlogger narin….

    anyway, your blog has been listed na sa pinoy bloggers directory. thanks

  • Jehzeel Laurente

    i loo000ooOOooove this videO!! :P

  • Jehzeel Laurente

    hahaha.. syet ang sarap panooring paulit ulit.. ngayon ko lang to napanood eh.. bwahahah! :P san mo to ginawa? kakainggit :D hehe

  • funnysexy

    @ Jehzeel
    Awww.. thanks a lot!! I did it at the office and the effect was made with red heads and white background. Di ko maa-achieve yan sa bahay ko… ;)

  • Jehzeel Laurente

    @ FunnySexy – studio ang office mo? puro white background.. sa office namin kasi magulo ang background.. mga whiteboard.. at bulletin board.. at computers.. waaaaaaaa!!!

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  • highaltitude

    yep, this funny and sexy


  • topher


  • topher

    i really love you in this vid!!
    ur so so CUTE!!!!
    it’s you i always remember everytime i hear this song by jason mraz!!
    awww!!keep it up!!!~


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