10 Things I Want to Do Before I Die

Written by funnysexy on March 30th, 2008. Posted in Personal

1. Live in Japan

I don’t really intend to spend the rest of my life there and be a kogal, a takoyaki mascot or a ninja but I’m just kinda in love with the culture (language, fashion, tradition, crack, etc.) and I won’t mind trying it out there for a couple of years. I know it’s gonna be tough and I’d probably take back what I said when I get there but adfghjkl I don’t care. I just want to go to Japan so badly, you don’t even get it. And oh, the guy I’m going to marry is based in Tokyo so suck it, bitchazz!

2. Publish a book.

I don’t care if it’s 20 pages short or if it talks about a drunk grasshopper that got a rat pregnant. To me, books are some of the most powerful “things” on earth and can either positively inspire someone or totally fuck up with his head. And though there’s the internet already, admit it- a book is a book. It’s like film vs. Youtube.

3. Have a girlfriend.

I’m an open person and I refuse to elaborate.

4. Make a film and win an award for it.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be an actress ala Alice Dixon or Christina Paner but that dream was shitted on when I realized that I can write, direct and tell stories with video. I’ve since wanted to be a filmmaker and I believe I will be in the near future. Yes, some Cannes, Toronto and Sundance would be nice, too. But yanno, I still don’t mind being a talent so if you’d like to offer some gigs, feel free to leave a message. I specialize in retarded roles.

5. Become a good mother.

Women have uterus for a reason and though this is the least of my concerns right now, eventually if I become a mom, I’d like to be the best one my children could ever have.

6. Build an empire.

I would like to build the first media empire in the country to be headed by a woman. If you’re familiar with Johnny’s Jimushou, SM Ent. and even Harpo, then you’d know what I mean. Yes, I’m a control freak and I feel the need to be on top of things at all times (no sexual pun intended) so move over, mother Lily!

7. Become the first Filipina…

… to *insert-whatever-here*. I dunno, win an Oscar? Have a generic medicine named after her? Own an island? In Italy? So long as I’d be the first, it doesn’t matter to me. I just want to make history even if it means I’d be the first Filipina to win in an international isaw-eating competition.

8. Visit the Holy Land.

As a Christian, it’s one of my lifetime goals. From what I’ve heard, too, the culture there’s very interesting so I won’t mind mingling with the natives and maybe even trying out their local uhm, beer.

9. Create a foundation that will empower young girls in the Philippines.

As some people probably know, I’m a huge advocate of girl power and one of my goals is to set up a camp or establish a group that would talk to and inspire young Filipina women that they can be more than what they’ve been told they can be. I don’t know if this was influenced by Oprah or Tyra Banks or the Vagina Monologues but to give voice to young women in the Philippines, I believe, is my higher calling.

10. Perform with a famous rockstar on stage in front of like… thousands of people.

I’m not a huge fan of rock and when I use the term, I don’t necessarily mean the Bon-Jovi-long-haired-leather-vest-wearing kinda rockstar. A showdown with the Korean Britney Spears, BoA won’t be bad or singing my version of Your House with Alanis would surely kick ass. Personally, I’d die to be on stage with the Spice Girls and sing and dance to their hits Wannabe, 2 Become 1, Stop, etc. I wish I’m kidding but I’m not.

As you probably noticed, most of the things on the list seem very ambitious but that’s just me. I’m no simple girl and I dream big. Though I really hope I won’t die any time soon because srsly, I wanna do all of the above and one needs money for it.


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  • http://atheista.net benj

    :P At what number did you stop being serious? hehe

  • http://tanggera.blogspot.com Poyt

    I think she skipped for every number like #2 (serious) and #3 (seriously weird). Just kidding. Haha. See you on saturday!

  • http://bigbaddie.com Baddie

    I would totally read a book about a drunk grasshopper that knocked up a rat, and I would totally see I movie based on it, whether you direct it or not.

    Also, keep us posted on the developments in #3, k? KK!

  • http://www.baratillo.net Juned

    I like number 3 este 2 pala. :)

  • http://www.baratillo.net Juned

    I like number 3.

  • funnysexy

    @ Benj
    At what point did I ever become serious?

    @ Poyt
    See you on Saturday hun!

    @ Baddie
    Haaayyy… Mind helping me out with it though? My lesjo has died. X_x

    @ Juned
    I see… You like number 2. But you like number 3… twice. :D

  • http://www.baratillo.net Juned

    Oh well :)

    SO you want to marry a guy based in Tokyo? Eh Little Tokyo near Makati Cinema Square :D

  • http://ademagnaye.com Ade

    This entry is so kinda serious. Seriously.

  • http://renziebaluyut.blogspot.com/ Renzie

    Japan’s great. Books are a great idea. But dude, go for #3. LOLZ

    BTW, Boa rocks. It’s so crazy crazy love love.


  • http://joebreaker.com Joe

    #3…Oi I suddenly recalled all the stuff you said the last time we went out. Now I wonder >:) Nyehehehe

  • http://yeni-melon.blogspot.com yeni
  • http://rebelpixel.com/ markku

    Hmm, #3 is very interesting… =P

  • http://www.angdabawenyo.com Blogie

    Davao used to be called Little Tokyo. :P

    Teka… Kazunari was the pipsqueak in Letters fr Iwo Jima? Hmmm… Yeah, why not?

    Are #s 9 & 3 somehow tied in with each other? ;)

  • sm17

    I like your dreams (no, seriously). I really hope you achieve all of them.

    When I read number ten, I somehow imagined you up on the stage with the whole Super Junior (fifteen boys, damn) and PWNING THEM ALL. Then it dawned on me that you may not have any singing or dancing abilities, and I decided it was best not to let you get your hopes up. (Though I’d definitely be interested in seeing you prove me wrong.)

  • mikmarilynmusika

    I believe in you, Kaos.

    Hell, why not?
    you actually kept your promise that you will give us, Vixens, a ring just like that of the Spice Girls..

    so yeah, I believe in you, bigtime. <3


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