2009 in Five Words (The FunnySexy Year That Was)

Written by Kring Elenzano on December 31st, 2009. Posted in Events, Fangirl, Korea, Personal, Places and Travel, Pop Culture


If you have seen 2009, please let it know that I’ve been kinda looking for it ‘coz I swear I do not know where the hell it went.

This year passed by so fast, it was like a joke. So many things happened so quickly that I feel like everything’s but a blur, except they’re not because they’re all very vivid in my head (and on those damned photos on Facebook). I know the past couple of years had passed by like Flash Elorde, too, but I’m telling you, this one just takes home the award. Must be because I immersed myself in work too much that it somehow defined my days. But that’s not entirely true. Because MY 2009 can be summed up in five words: TRAVEL, KPOP, NO-RICE DIET (kay, that’s technically three words but whatever), FANS and of course, FLIPPISH.


I may not look like your typical travel junkie but I love traveling as much as those khaki-shorts-wearing, sunblock-smothering backpackers, except I don’t have as much money or time (asking for leave of absences is a skill to be mastered, I tell yah!). This year though, I think I’ve gone to more places in a span of 365 days than I ever have before. In January, I ate the best lechon in the whole wide world in Cebu, in April, I tried my luck in surfing at La Union and of course, I partied in Bora for the first time last May. I gave a talk at Davao in May (I love the place so much, I’m going there early next year, hopefully) and my friends, Ria Jose, Blogie and Anya showed me around. I tried the famous Lachi’s Sans Rival, too! Last August, I spent about two weeks or so in Macau for stressful work but it’s orayt because in September, I pwned Bangkok with P0yt, Fritz, Coy and Rick! Huyeh! But wait, there’s more! Just this November, the Gerry’s Gang disturbed peace in Bohol (what, I don’t have a blog entry for that?!) and I went back to Cebu for yet another talk where I flew in and out on the same day. I made sure I ate CNT Lechon, of course.

Bantayan Island, Cebu, January 2009

Boracay, May 2009

Bangkok, September 2009
Thanks to Fritz for the photo. Check out the rest here.

Bohol, November 2009

Long story short, I’m pretty much broke right now. Apart from that Macau trip, I spent for everything else, fare, accommodation, and pocket money included. But you know what, it’s ALL WORTH IT. The memories and experiences can’t be traded for anything, especially since in most trips, I was with the Gerry’s Gang or my other really fantabulous and ghei friends (I’m a lucky bitch, thank you very much). I have no favorite trip in particular but of all the places I’ve been to this year, I’d say Bohol is perhaps the most beautiful. Like, I can’t even explain. I also found out this year that I have a tendency to get pissed drunk on the beach more.


So I went back to my Kpop roots this year, much thanks to Big Bang. And boy did I go back. More than five years ago, I co-founded what is now known as Cassiopeia Philippines with three other friends but I left the fandom a couple of months after. This year, however, I stayed longer, spending like half a year organizing the First Philippine Kpop Convention.

I think it all started with that Koryans in da Pilipins video, which I’d like remind everyone, is a mockumentary and should not be taken seriously (as of this writing, it has now about 14,000 views on youtube and dear gawd, they’re fighting on the comments page. It also had been subbed to English and has garnered me a lot of haters. LOLZ.) Then the Cass 6G happened, which I hosted and next thing I know, I was being interviewed for the Jessica Soho Kpop segment and was giving gifts to Sandara Park and representing the fandom. What.

Around September, our awesome friends over at 21evo, an international 2ne1 fansite featured me as a fan (or something), which was such an honor, given that there are prolly bajillions of 2ne1 fans from all over the world. Thanks, gaiz! And yeah, did I mention I got to sit down and meet with some Korean producers, too, from Mnet and such?

Where I said my now infamous line, “Please tell TOP to marry me.”

And as you all probably know by now, the Philippine Kpop fandom made history, too, with the First Philippine Kpop Convention. I’m not even gonna get into details as I just made a long-ass entry about the event a couple of weeks ago but I’d just like to thank everyone again who gave their utmost support to the cause. Expect greater things to come from the Phil Kpop Committee!

안녕 하세요,  여로분!



I don’t remember talking about this on my blog but sometime last summer, I strictly gave up rice for about two months. You don’t understand, I HAD TO LOSE WEIGHT. I started to come out on video regularly and as we all know, camera adds 10 lbs (or at least, makes us fatter than we really are). Dear gawd, was it stressful and depressing. I mean, I used to order extra rice all the time and then suddenly, not a grain of my favorite food??? Can you imagine eating menudo, sinigang and hell, even dinuguan without rice?!?! It was a major sacrifice that I had to make for something that I wanted to happen. THANK THE HEAVENS FOR BREAD!

But it was all good since it was iskempe bikene tiemz, especially when we went to Bora (if I was flabby and such, how could I have worn those bathing suits?!) However, ever since then, I haven’t really eaten rice that much. Like in a day, half a cup would be too much and I only eat rice a couple of times in a week, sometimes, not even at all. Also, I think my stomach had shrunk already, but not my arms and bilbil. -___-


I can say that 2009 was the year “talent Kring” was born, much thanks to the First Online Pinoy Video Channel, Flippish.com. We only launched this July but man, I can confidently say we’re the pioneer in original online videos in the country, recorded or live.

Flippish launch party at Fiamma

I have been working as a director/writer/producer/editor/over-all-production-whore since I was 20 but it was only this year that I was given the chance to have a show, albeit just online. How did it start, you may ask? Well, yassee, we don’t really do big-budget productions and so in the beginning we just did the acting and hosting ourselves. I guess I kinda worked because I suddenly was Direk and had other regulars like Who Dares Kring and Brain Freeze. Oh, and we also launched last September the 1st weekly online live talk show, Talking Heads!

Flippish defined my 2009 not only because I was suddenly thrown into the “limelight of lolz” but because offcam, I really did spend a lot of time on it, conceptualizing, producing and editing shows for the website in general. If I didn’t have time to go out with you, my friend, you can blame it on Flippish. Hehehe.

Although Direk seems to be my “flagship show” (why the fuck am I coining stupid phrases and why do I sound so narcissistic?), I think that of the videos I’ve produced, my favorites would have to be The Audition because it was made of pure, unadulterated crack and was even featured on Jessica Soho pwnfacebitch and maybe LSS’s Chris Masami’s That Smile before because it’s technically my first music video.

The Audition aka KRING IS MUDDAEFFIN’ SCHIZOPHRENIC. Click here to watch.

There will be bigger and more fabulous shows from Flippish next year and I hope you guys won’t tire of watching our videos and supporting our works. If I get really really famous, I’d throw a really bad-ass party and you’d be invited. Promise. *hugs*

ps: Thanks to YSA for my skin care. If they can make me look better, srsly, what can they not do?


And along with those crack videos came the fans. ^_^;;;

I still have to stop myself from laughing whenever I say or write down that I have fans because it’s just soooo friggin’ surreal. It’s almost like I’m joking with my self, expect I’m not because I really have received fan letters and such. Or maybe this universe is just shitting with me and I am but hallucinating.

But really, thank you so much (if you’re a fan of this blog or my videos or me in general lulz) for all the encouraging words and for just… existing. I am a HUGE fangirl myself and I know how it feels to look up to someone and how exponentially more awesome it is if you get acknowledged by the person/s you idolize. I hope I can meet you all soon (yes, all three of you) and I swear Imma give you a big hug! And if you are one, please holla or say hi or just make your self known so I can thank you, too!

From the super sweet, Topher! I think I shed a tear when I received this for my birthday. Effin’ awesome!

Thank you, Lynn and GGPH!!! *hearts*

Having fans is one of the best things in the world, IMO. Sure, it’s always flattering to have people tell you you’re pretty and hot and sexy but what really drives me to excel is the idea that somehow, someone may get inspired by what I do and make his/her own dreams come true. As I mentioned on a previous blog post,

People asking for an autograph or photos is nice and swell but that’s not the reason why I do what I do or why I want to complicate my life with fame. If in the future somebody comes up to me and tells me that my work has touched him and made him want to be better, then I’d know my desire to be famous was not futile.

Oh, and I have a FACEBOOK FANPAGE by the way. Feel Free to join and get exclusive updates and discounts from your favorite participating stores! (If I can get 1,000 fans, I’ll do something… shocking. Kekeke.)

So what can I say? 2009 had been one hell of a roller coaster ride for me and it’s not necessarily a bad thing. So many blessings, new friends, new achievements and many other things to be thankful for. Yes, even the tears and disappointments, I am thankful for. This year, the tomboy in me had died. This year, many of my peers went through quarterlife crisis. This year, I still remained single (for reasons that require a full entry altogether).

Dear 2010, please don’t fail us. Your predecessor had been great (except so many people died) so just stay in that awesome track. I’ll be looking forward to greater things!

Hope you enjoyed this entry, everyone, and from the bottom of my heart and the core of my soul, have a fantastic new year! *hugs*

Kring Elenzano

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  • ji

    hey, have a happy new year ate kring. ^^,

    PS: i’m one of your fans in FB, haha ^^,

  • http://fritzified.com Fritz

    Happy new year, babe direk! Ngayong 2010, Japan? Korea? San na ule tayo mapapadpad neto?!

  • http://letmedream-yume04.blogspot.com/ rin

    happy new year! You sure had an eventful year…I’m so envious! Wow, fan page sa FB, makasali nga. ^.^v

  • http://riajose.wordpress.com Ria Jose

    If you get 1,000 fans, you’ll show your KEKE?!

    Love you Kring! Glad 2009 was good to you. :-)

  • kring

    @ ji
    happy new year, deary! and thanks for joining that FB fp. haha!

    @ fritz
    mas mahal daw sa Japan so most likely Korea tayo. plus, we can read hangul… LOL.

    @ rin
    I did! and hopefully this year would be more kick-ass! And join away!

    @ Ria Jose
    Ikaw na. Hahaha! Course not! Something… bettaaaah! Hope our 2010 would be great, too!

  • fartingprincess

    Hello po Ms. Kring~ Pee nu yir (happy new year) haha.

    nagpapasalamat lang po ako sayo dahil marami po akong natutunan and syempre, nag enjoy po talaga ako sa kakulitan nyo. funnysexy year po talaga!

    stay sexy! <3

  • http://blog.es2pido.com Neil

    2009 is THE YEAR OF THE KRING. (emphasis on “THE”). :D

  • kring

    @ fartingprincess
    *high fives* thank you, deat! im glad nag-e-enjoy ka sa kakulitan ko! lol. wait, makulit ba ko??

    @ neil
    IKAW NA.. ANG PANALO SA STATEMENT. *hugs* salamat!

  • http://www.billycoy.com billycoy


    I’m happy na very fruitful ang 2009 mo. Sana sa 2010, hindi lang maging fruitful, maging garden pa sana. :D

  • http://micamyx.com Micamyx

    Ang cute ng gawa ni Topher! :D

    2009 definitely rocks! I hope 2010 would be better especially on the love department :D

  • http://www.miongandmarquee.blogspot.com/ miong

    Bantayan Isalnd, Cebu is very nice!


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