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Written by Kring Elenzano on January 31st, 2011. Posted in Celebrity, Film and TV, Love and Relationships

Last night, I finally got to watch the Thai movie, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, which became a hit not only to Thai audiences, but to many Filipino teens as well. Make that ‘teens who are always on Facebook and actually care about Asian entertainment’. We wouldn’t have known about it if it was released like 10 years ago because it’s not shown nor promoted in the country. Let me begin by saying that the movie reminded me of those Korean movies that jump-started the Hallyu like My Sassy Girl.

My Sassy Girl of Thailand. You may quote me on that.

Seems like the Thai film industry is starting to catch up and I wouldn’t be surprised if a year or two from now, Thai-wave will take over Asia. PAKSHET NAPAG-IWANAN NA NAMAN TAYO?! We should’ve been next to Korea! Filmmakers, please stop producing movies that are just about poverty, prostitution and other depressing shit because there’s more to our country than Slumdog Millionaire-like themes! Fantasy movies and comedies about mothers with 10 children??? It’s time to move forward! MORE RPG METANOIA, PLEASE!

Whew. Now that I got that off my chest, lemme start with my “not-so-review”.

Whoever made that movie trailer must’ve gotten a big bonus and a promotion by now. I’m certain that anyone who’s ever had a crush who didn’t like him/her in return scoured the internet for download links and English subs watched this film soon as s/he saw the trailer. C’mon! I cried watching that 3-minute video halfway! It wasn’t so much the unrequited love angle that stabbed me in the chest, it’s her desire and perseverance to become (and look) better for someone she loved that hit close to home.

I wasn’t a “loser” in high school but those were my mudda’effin’ friends!

The writer-directors really had their audience in mind while making this movie. First, they cast VERY GOOD LOOKING superstars Mario Maurer (Chon) and Pimchanok Leuwisetpaiboon (Nam) to play the lead. I mean, can you really go wrong with Mario Maurer *coughSiamcough*? I highly enjoyed watching it because it’s quite funny, too, especially their teacher. I bet 100$ that she’s like the Eugene Domingo or Pokwang of Thailand. And really, those Thais have raised their level of film making with the cinematography and editing. Father Jejemon wuttfuuuu!!! I’m telling you – Thai-wave. Watch out for it.

Also, I’m sure that those who have seen it said out loud “holy shit that’s meeee!” at least once, because almost all of the scenes were plucked out of every high school girl (and gay)’s diary. Her friends remind us of our own oddball friends (see photo caption above) and those silly things they did to be noticed by the guy? YOU DID THOSE, TOO, admit it! And OMG you know that scene where Nam finally gives him a white rose and professes her undying love only to be heart-broken in the end?! Can I just say that… THAT HAPPENED TO ME. TWICE!!! (I was in love with a guy for 4 years and another one for 5 years) I felt your pain, girl! I felt it bad!

This scene looks… familiar.

The creative team did everything in their power to put Nam in OUR shoes, hence the movie’s claim that it’s “Everyone’s Love Story”.

But is it really?

The beginning of the film will lead you to think that it actually is. 2 minutes and 11 seconds into it and already had snot and tears all over my face. It seemed to me like those words could’ve been copied straight from this blog! So at the start, I really felt like I was Nam – from a decade ago. All those bittersweet memories rushed back to me and I found my self crying like I was 15 again.

And then she started to become too pretty. Too fast. I honestly felt like her transformation was as quick as a Nigerian runner being chased by a hungry lion. She suddenly looked so different from her three friends! I mean, even if people “grow” up in high school, they don’t grow up that fast. It only happens in Hollywood movies like She’s All That and I dunno, G.I. Jane or something. Or if you’re under SM Entertainment. If it happens in real life, those girls get preggerz early or get molested and beaten up by their boyfriends (based on true stories). I know, such a terrible world we live in. Tsk tsk.

If you ask me, it shouldn’t have ended the way it did. There’s a reason why the Phantom didn’t get Christine in the end and why My Best Friend’s Wedding became a classic. Those stories continue to affect us to this day because they used the UNREQUITED LOVE theme and they fuckin’ stuck to it!!! It made the films more… REAL. Seriously, when did you ever hear about the heartthrob of the school falling for a younger, uglier, wallflower? Teenage boys are shallow, remember??? Dude, even Betty La Fea wasn’t that lucky! She didn’t just turn into a skinny bitch overnight!

Satoshi Kon’s Millenium Actress is the epitome of unrequited love. How many of you can relate to that statement on the subs?

I understand, the producers are selling a fantasy and I commend them for doing an awesome job. Crazy Little Thing Called Love is that, really – a fantasy and in my opinion, should not be called “Everyone’s Love Story”. If it was, it would’ve turned out the way it does in real life, where not-so-good-looking, chubby, pimplish, dark-skinned, bad-haired, no-named, awkward teenage girls don’t get the boys of their dreams in the end. Heck, even the pretty ones don’t always get what they want. And how many times have we actually bawled our eyes out and no one went to our door steps to leave a scrapbook and a heart-felt confession from the very person that we’re crying about??? Nine years have passed, too but my first love – the person I wrote all those stories for and has made me what I am now, has not even tried adding me up on Facebook. FAIL.

Unrequited love stories don’t have happy endings – that’s one of the things I learned the hard way over the years. But you know, that’s just how things are and more often that not, it’s for the better. You tend to appreciate more what you have now because of the things you were deprived of in the past. And trust me, that angst makes for a VERY GOOD creative motivation.

In fact, someday I will make a movie about my, your and our REAL stories, too. And though it won’t have a happy ending, it will feature Eraserheads’ Ang Huling El Bimbo as the main OST. For that alone, I know you will watch it.

Do check out Crazy Little Thing Called Love because the movie is really nice, despite my “bitter review”. It’s really entertaining and who knows, you may be one of the lucky bitches with that unrequited love happy ending (which technically isn’t unrequited anymore).

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