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Written by Kring Elenzano on September 16th, 2011. Posted in Advertorial, Contest, Fangirl, Korea, Pop Culture

I really wanted to be the Lee Hyori of the Philippines.

In 2004, when I first became a Kpop fan, Hyori was the goddess of the scene. 2003 was dubbed as the “Year of Hyori”, in fact. However, she captured my heart the most on Family Outing in 2008 because she showed the world how funny, sexy and fierce she is and most of all, she’s not afraid to make fun of her self.

But perhaps growing old does change a person’s priorities. It dawned on me that my calling was not to become a pop star but a famous host and an award-winning actress (did you see what I did thaaar?).

Is my swag enough for Kpop? No? Kthnxbi.
(Hosting the 2nd Philippine Kpop Convention on December 2010)

Even then, I am aware that many of my readers and friends from the Kpop community do dream of performing in front of thousands of people, of winning a Daesang, of hangin’ out with their idols backstage.

So, do you wanna be the next big Kpop star? Hold on to your seats, boys and girls ‘coz you’re one step closer to your goal! Presenting the tvN KPop Star Hunt Contest! And Funny is the New Sexy is an OFFICIAL BLOG PARTNER! Whoohoo! I was told I’ll be covering this event as well and asdfghjkl tvN, I’ll be your kids’ nanny for a week if you send me to Korea for the finals or something and I get to hangout with Beast OHGAWD *nosebleeds*.

Starhunt is tvN’s regional contest to capture the popularity of Korean Pop Music (K-Pop) and give our viewers the opportunity of a lifetime to become the next big K-Pop sensation! In this regional contest that spans Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan and the Philippines, K-Pop fans between the ages of 11-29 are invited to submit an individual song and dance performance video of any song of choice.

ARE YOU INTERNALLY SPAZZING YET LIKE I AM RIGHT NOW??? Here’s how you can join the contest/audition:

1. Visit the website,

2. Click on the “Star Hunt Entry” tab, fill up the form and upload your video.

3. Join the FB page: tvN KPop Star Hunt Philippines. Like the page, link your video onto the FB page and get as much friends to like your video. The video with the most likes will win a special gift pack from tvN Asia and Fox International Channels

Once you’ve done your part, you just need to wait and perhaps pray reeeally hard.

* From all the videos submitted, CUBE and tvN will select the best 100 contestants from each country.

* The best 100 will be invited to battle each other in local auditions scheduled in October and November 2011.

* The top 2 from each country will be chosen to make up the 10 finalists who will get to live in Seoul for one month to get professional training and mentorship by CUBE.

* After the training period, the final 4 will enter the final show-down in Korea! The winner will be crowned the next K-Pop superstar and will be entitled to grand prizes that may include TechnoMarine watches, cash rewards, and a chance to be an artist for tvN and Channel [V] HD!

* In addition, the final 10 will star on tvN’s reality series that will document their journey to the final competition in Korea, exclusively covering their blood, sweat and tears behind the scenes.

Okay, I take back what I said. Excuse me while I record my dance cover of 4 Minute’s Mirror Mirror. Nae geo uraaaa~ 잘해봐!


Just because I’m in full support of this event, Funny is the New Sexy is giving fans and readers a chance to WIN ANY FREAKIN’ KOREAN RELEASE KPOP ALBUM OF THEIR CHOICE that won’t cost me a leg and an arm and is available in the market now. If it’s too expensive or too rare, chances are, I won’t pick your entry as this is a personal prize from my pockets, okay?? Man, I just looove giving freebies! And it’s so easy to join!

1. Link/share this post on your Twitter or Facebook.
2. Comment on this post with a) who is you favorite CUBE Ent artist and why. You may spaz all you want. b) the link from your Twitter/FB post just to verify that you’ve shared this post c) your email address d) what CD would you like to get.


Email: kring[at]funnysexy[dot]ph
JYJ – In Heaven

Dealine is on October 8, 2011, 6pm! I’ll personally email if you if you won and this is available only to those who can do meet-ups in Metro Manila! The item will be shipped from Korea by Jimmy Kim, no less, so you’d get it on a later date. Good luck!


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  • Jamy

    Wow Ate Kring!!!! LUMELEVEL-UP NA TALAGA ANG FUNNSEXY. :) Congrats. i’ll tell my friends to join this one and represent the Philippines. Galing lang. :) Ate Kring, pwede ka pa sumali.

  • Chai Chen

    Wow nice! :)
    Blogged about it too.

    Been seeing you in cosplay/kpop events and yeah … when alodia mentioned you re: your korean boyfriend’s reaction about her and the FB invite. LOL. :p

    Lovin’ my reads here so far. Will check out your blog regularly na. Yay!

  • Khang

    Hi! I’ve been a fan of your blog.
    I have been trying to submit my audition video since yesterday,
    I have used chrome/ie/mozilla … but I still can’t upload my videos.
    Malapit na yung deadline kaya I’m worried.
    Can you help me upload it ?

  • Anonymous

    But how? O__o

  • Anonymous

    i just died. this is cool ate kring. good job, you’re an official partner! osom!!! :)))

  • Park Hyung-Joon 박형준

    Why do I feel like, deep down inside, you so want to join this instead? Ha ha ha! Happy for you Kring! I’ll retweet it for you! (^~^)

  • Rianna

    Link:!/mojorolls/status/120110186772955136 &!/mojorolls/status/120112687530246144
    Infinite – Over the Top (Repack)

  • Anonymous

    Yup, I died too, just so you know… Hahaha~ Sali naaa!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you! Naaah, I’m old to be an idol. Plus, I’ll be forced to shut down this blog and delete my old entries. But maybe I can be their actress trainee! Haha thanks.

  • Anonymous

     Sali, Jamy!!! Naa-adik ako sa pa-contests anezbear!!! Ang sarap mamigay ng freebies, especially kung galing sa puso at sariling bulsa! :D

  • hazel lynn castro

    I really LOVE Junhyung of BEAST and HyunA of 4Minute! WHY? Coz’ they’re soo effin’ GREAT! Junhyung is soo smexy and hot when he raps like yeah! and HyunA? Woah. Can you see the undying swag she has? WOW! Haters just gotta hate. HyunA’s just showing what she got. When you got it.. flaunt it! :p!/maiiHAZELnut/status/120113078774935552

    bewitching2005_26@yahoo:disqus .com

    Mr.SIMPLE ver. A (can it be Donghae cover?:D pro okay din po kung hinde.^^)

  • hazel lynn castro

    MESSAGE: I really LOVE Junhyung of BEAST and HyunA of 4Minute! WHY? Coz’ they’re soo effin’ GREAT! Junhyung is soo smexy and hot when he raps like yeah! and HyunA? Woah. Can you see the undying swag she has? WOW! Haters just gotta hate. HyunA’s just showing what she got. If you got it.. flaunt it! :p


    e -mail: bewitching2005_26 .com

    Mr.SIMPLE ver. A (can it be Donghae cover?:D pro okay din po kung hinde.^^)

  • Smiley_angel166

    MESSAGE: GI KWANG! I love love love him! If ever I’ll marry one member of BEAST I’ll choose him! He sings and dances well! He takes my heart away with that eye smile of his. :”>
    e-mail: smiley_angel166@yahoo:disqus .com
    SUPER JUNIOR A-CHA Album. :)

  • Julai

    Message: It’s no other than YOON DOOJOON!!! Also know as the Nation’s Boyfriend Idol. His down to earth personality and crazy antics are just some of the many things I like about him. I like the way he takes care of the other members. I just can’t help but to fall in love with him<3 Looks, talent, personality. He got it all. What more can I ask for?
    Block B – New Kids on the Block

  • Anonymous

    A) I love Beast ~ their songs, their voice~their harmony their smile ~ i love them because there’s no reason not to ^^ 
    C) buminchy1291@yahoo:disqus .com
    D) JYJ- In Heaven

  • Joan

    Message: OMG HOW CAN I CHOOSE AMONG BEAST?! My bias is LEE GI KWANG, but I love BEAST like adlskfhadsjkflhsdg, that if I would be asked how, I would say, I love them like my children. I feel like a proud mother for all six of them. I mean, everytime they perform, I always find myself smiling all throughout and sometimes tears fall down from my eyes. Some call them the recycle group, but that’s what made them unique, talented and even more stronger. How they mention B2UTIES in their winning perfs and even in their everyday life as of that in Twitter is too overwhelming and makes me want to hug them not as a fan but as a bestfriend. This is how I explain my love for these six people. (is this qualified as an answer? i just felt the need to explain it like this.) I love Yoon Doo-joon, Jang Hyun-seung, Yong Jun-hyung, Yang Yo-seob, Lee Gi-kwang, Son Dong-woon forever. ;_________;
    BEAST – Fiction and Fact


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