Jasmine Lee, Filipina Host and Actress in Korea!

Written by Kring Elenzano on October 3rd, 2011. Posted in Film and TV, Korea, Love and Relationships

I totally freaked out when I saw this! On our last day in Korea last June, we were channel surfing while having lunch and then I distinctly heard Tagalog words from the woman on TV! OMG It was Jasmine Lee on “Basic Korean for Foreigners”!

Totally not basic. Not at all. -___-

I first learned about Jasmine Lee through Buhay sa Korea. She is the most popular Filipina in Korea, for obvious reasons. Ms. Lee one of the panelists on the Tuesday Night KBS show, “Love in Asia” and has appeared in movies like 의형제 Uihyeongje (Secret Reunion), which I just watched the 2011 Korean Film Festival. She played a Vietnamese wife there. Just recently, she was cast in 완득이 Wandeugi (Punch) as Yoo Ah In’s (Sungkyungkwan Scandal) Filipina mom!

If my son in the movie would be that hot, I’d be more than happy to play a MILF.
(Image courtesy of Filipinos abroad)

Showbiz isn’t the only thing she’s busy with though. This Davao-native mother of two (who, sad today, was widowed last year) is a VERY active advocate of and spokesperson for multicultural families and inter-cultural marriages in Korea! She speaks in a lot of national conferences, including one where she was invited by the president! Jasmine, too, was one of the first migrant women hired to be civil servants by Seoul City Government. Truly, she’s representin’ our kababayans in Korya! Whoohoo! She makes me really proud!

I hope my chingu, Cherish Maningat-Bae would also be a well-known public figure there soon. She has actually worked with Ms. Lee in some ‘Filipino community’ projects before and I can’t wait to see her on screen! And dear boyfriend, I told you already I’ve always wanted to be an actress there, too!!! Y U not believe meh? It’s possible, see? Please don’ take it against me though if I break up with you.

I hope to meet Ms. Lee when I go back there. Good luck to all the Pinoys making waves in Korea! Hope I can join you guys, too hahahaha!

For more Fil-Kor love, you know where to go~

PS: Cherish is in town right now. Who wants to meet up with her this weekend? Just leave a comment here!

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  • October 3, 2011 at 3:24 pm |

    i wanna see her this weekend. i’ll make sure muna. 😀

  • October 4, 2011 at 3:40 am |

    haha can’t wait until the “Kring wave” reach Korea! :))) i think te kring you’ll turn Korea upside down XD 

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