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Written by Kring Elenzano on July 3rd, 2012. Posted in Advertorial, Gadgets and Tech

Can you imagine life without internet NOW? Just… close your eyes. Think. No Facebook, no Youtube, no wikipedia. *shudders*

There was a time (and I remember it very well) when people didn’t have internet and lived peacefully and functioned normally. However, times have changed and society’s different now. In the last 10-15 years, that internet has become a “way of life” and many people’s livelihood and careers depend on the internet, I included.

Aside from the fact that I reach out to my “audience” through my blogs and Youtube videos, as some of you may know, I was with for a couple of years and our content could only be watched online. I’m positive you knew about me through the internet, didn’t you? ^^

Speaking of blogging, having internet in the office or in coffee shops is good and all but personally, I NEED to blog from my room with no other people around. Some of my friends can work outside but naaaah, I won’t be able to maximize my “creativity”. Also, Videobogs are a HUGE part of my life and there’s no way that I could upload my stupid videos with a 56K dial-up connection. Thank the heavens for broadband internet providers in the country like the new myBro Wireless Home Broadband.

myBro Wireless Home Broadband

Smart BRO Canopy and Wimax will now be the new myBRO Wireless Home. It is an affordable and reliable broadband internet connection that uses the nationwide cellular network of Smart to wirelessly deliver internet service to a subscriber’s PC. Smart Bro is the former brand of all the broadband services of Smart which includes Mobile Broadband services of Smart, which are Plug-it, Pocket Wifi, etc. and Fixed Broadband which are Bro Canopy and Wimax. On June 26, the Fixed Wireless variants – Canopy and Wimax – will now have a new brand name under My Bro. This is now included under the HOME megabrand powered by PLDT.

We’ve had PLDT myDSL for over six years now and trust me, it wasn’t that easy having internet connection then. Now, everything had been simplified and they even have a Back To School Promo!


Subscribe to Home Bro Wireless Canopy/Wimax Plan 999 and get 50% off on your initial cash out and another 50% off on your first monthly subscription fee. Check this out more!

Oh gosh, writing this brings back the memories of our dial-up connection (we had it for 6 years before the broadband). The sound of a the noisy modem when it’s connecting, the 3-10kbs download speed and the feeling of being left out because everyone else in the “forums” from other countries had fast internet.

So why do YOU need to have broadband at home?

1. It’s super inconvenient to spazz outdoors with strangers. Most of you guys belong to one fandom or another so it’s best to be online in the comfort of your room when the next music video/song/game/photos get released.

2. School papers are best written at home. You cannot live without wikipedia.

3. No cable? No problem! There’s Youtube, viki, dailymotion, vimeo, etc for you and you can always be updated with the latest viral videos and shows. It’s better to watch these without worrying about how much you’d be charged in the internet cafe.

4. Part time jobs online. Why not? You can do it after school or after work.

5. Because it’s readily available anywhere, it takes only 2 days to install and you can get it for as low as 799/month. And yes, it’s easier to stalk “the future father/mother of your children” when you have broadband at home.

6. So you can read my blogs and watch my videos repeatedly, anytime, all the time. Wheeeee~

You may learn more about the myBro plans by visiting the any Smart Store, accredited PLDT Home reseller or calling *1888 from your Smart cellphone or go to this page to sign up. Good luck, guys! Happy home broadband-ing! ^^


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  • Ccantilafirstname

    hi there, i am applying for this maybe it’ll be install this coming monday

  • Maclin_98

    fren,payo ko sayo wag ka nalang tumuloy mag apply dyan sa mybro kasi manloloko na yan,matutugi lang ang pera mo wala pang installment ang mangyayari.Isa na ako sa naloko,nagbayad na ako pero wala paring installment na dumating mag 1 ,1 month na ang sabi nila after 72hrs you pay may enternet connection kana….

  • Nusre_bulay

    is it suitable for ONLINE GAMING??????

  • Contreras Albert42

    madam ak k lang po kung pwd gamitin 2 on n d2 ang online sf…tanxs,.

  • jun

    wag na kayong mag apply sa smart bro kasi mag sisisi lang kayo, mag search muna kayo bago kayo mag pa install,, lalo na ngayon napaka bagal nilagyan pa nila ng FUP wala naman sa contract, yong ulimited naging limited,,

  • zeny

    How to connect it in a pc? It does not work it only sends but cannot receive!


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