Baby Shower Gift Ideas When You Are Single

Keep the fun even though you are single!

Having a baby calls for a great celebration.  The little one is God’s gift and is always a blessing to anyone. That is why this is also the time where girlfriends gather and get together to have a good time, revel and share stories of how it is to have kids and become a super mom.  Girlfriends young and old, single or married, experienced mom or not, anyone is welcome to a baby shower.  There is no rule in terms of who will attend.  What is expected is for you to bring gifts for the cutie infant to use when he or she is out in this world.

Below are interesting gift ideas that both the mom and the baby can use to make their lives much easier and comfortable.   But of course, these gifts can also certainly strengthen the bond between the mother and her baby.  So, take your pick and most of all enjoy the party with girlfriends as well.

Our friends at Gift Canyon chose baby shower gifts for us. Here are the ones we like!

The Useful Bath Sets

One can never go wrong with bath sets unless a person really does not care about his or her hygiene.  But surely your friends do care a lot. Likewise, if you think this is essential, then certainly your friends think it is too.

With this, Aveeno and Johnson’s are brands that are very much recommended by most pediatricians for infant or baby care.  Moreover, because of its very light ingredients, this is also one popular brand for skin care for women.  The Aveeno pack of daily care items for mommy and baby includes baby wash and shampoo, baby soothing relief creamy wash, baby soothing relief moisture cream, baby daily moisture lotion, daily moisturizing lotion and daily facial wash for the pretty mommy.  Jonhson’s bath set on the other hand includes baby shampoo, lotion, head to toe wash, oil and powder.

These two gift sets will definitely be the most useful item a mommy will ever receive on her baby shower. Any of the two packs will be used regularly by the mom and most especially by the tiny tot.  The washes, lotions and creams contain the naturally soothing scents of lavender, vanilla and chamomile that will make the routine of bath calmer and comfortable for babies.

Non-Skid Slip Toddler Socks

Booties, socks and toddler shoes are cute and are essential baby shower gifts too.  A non-skid slip toddler socks is a very good option for infants to wear at home.  This does not only protect those tiny feet of your cutie but they are surely designed to support growing feet and protect them when they take those first, tentative steps.  The anti-slip design or the slip resistant bottom is the one which will keep safe the little one as he or she begins to walk.  Try to pick bright coloured designs too as this will also be very catchy to the eyes and attention of the infant.

Diaper Bags

Bags of any size and shape are always useful in any kinds of situation but it is mostly appreciated if one has a baby, a toddler and even a school age kid.  Traveling will be more comfortable and convenient when all the needs of the baby can be placed in one small, handy and useful diaper bags.  As a busy mom, it also needs to be stylish so as to compliment your fashion as well.  So, choose a diaper bag that has a lot of compartments so it can include the stuff of the moms like cell phone, keys, wallets and others.  It should also be lightweight and spacious so it can carry on a lot of important stuffs and most of all it should have insulated pockets to keep food and bottles safe while on the go.

Whether traveling is only for a day or up to a week, a diaper bag will surely organize everything for the mother and is actually a big help.  Just do a short checklist and rest assured that traveling will be fun and enjoyable with a handy nappy bag on your side.

Basic Wardrobe for the Newborn

This is the most basic gift one can give to anyone who is expecting a baby.  A complete set of a baby’s wardrobe used for a day or a night can also be the cutest to look at especially if the prints and designs are colour coordinated.

A day look for the baby would be a sleeveless suit, bootie, cap and mittens while the typical night look would be footsie pajamas, cap and mittens.  Match it with blankets and bibs and surely it is a lovely sight to see.  You never know what the future of the baby is but surely if this is the case, a little fashionista is being raised.

Activity Gym for Kids

Early stimulation is the key in child development.  An activity play gym for babies is a very interesting and valuable gift to develop baby’s attention and senses.  This activity gym has music and lights that engages the baby for cause and effect learning.  This also has a large mirror for tummy time play to develop his or her self-awareness.  Classical music is the theme which is a good choice for baby as it has beneficial effects on them.   Also, this play gym is washable and folds up easily for travel.  This makes it more fun and handy to the mom as well.

Cloth Books

Speaking of early stimulation, books top the list.  Even as early as new-born, there are appropriate books for them and cloth books are the most popular.  These are soft and safe and its fabric is not harmful even to newborns.

This gift will surely last even until the toddler years and even up to the primary years because books are truly long lasting.  So, choosing books as gifts surely will have this indirect message – the love for the written word starts early and exposing them with different kinds of books is a really good start.

With this, baby showers are indeed the most interesting parties of all.  This is the time for girlfriends to learn something.  For single women, this is an opportunity to learn and observe how it is to prepare for a baby coming.   For seasoned mothers, this is the time to share their experiences when it comes to giving birth and how to cope with the demands of having a baby in the house.  This gathering does not only strengthen girlfriend bonding but this is a venue that lets you feel that being a woman is really something to celebrate.  Cheers to girl power!