Creepy Persistent Suitor

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This was an incident that happened three years ago, around the 3rd quarter of ’08. I have long forgotten about it, buried it in my past and moved on with my life. However, as the family was doing some spring cleaning earlier today, I uncovered something in the bodega (storeroom) – an old wall clock with something written on it. I knew it was a sign. I just had to write about it.


To you, to the guy who will be the “central character” of this story, please do not think I have a grudge against you or that I wanna destroy your reputation. Trust me, NO. If I did, I would’ve published this right after it happened. I will never reveal your identity nor give clues as to who you are. I have no emotional excess baggage from this experience and I’ll just be sharing facts. Don’t be hatin’ and plz no dramarzz (also, if you comment, then they’ll find out who you are)!

And to my readers, well, this might get me in trouble but I hope you learn a thing or two from my mistakes it. It’s gonna be a long but crack-filled ride so buckle up.


2008 was a really hazy and crazy year for me. Almost every night after work, I’d go out to watch a movie or have dinner with friends or drink until I get shit-faced wasted. I wasn’t in a relationship then so I went out and hung out with different people – guys and girls, young and old alike. Some I considered dates, the others, not at all.

2008: Crazy times! For the record, I NEVER DID DRUGS. And that’s not the creepy guy.

Around July 2008, I met this guy. Let’s call him “Wolowitz” (excuse The Big Bang Theory reference). Wolowitz was a pretty decent guy. He had friends, he had skills, he was from a good university and he had a job that allowed him to interact with different people. On that first night, I already knew that he had a thing for me. No, I wasn’t just assuming. While we were talking, he took a photo of me with his phone and immediately made it his wallpaper, replacing Alodia’s image, if my memory serves me right.

[wp-like-locker]I should have taken that as a bad sign but hey, I was young and stupid. Plus, nobody warned me about him. I just later learned about his escapades with other girls, who also weren’t very amused by his ways. Yes, I personally got to talk to a couple of them, so no, I wasn’t being paranoid.[/wp-like-locker]

My Korean Boyfriend: 5-Kilometer Fun Run

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Hello everyo- Whoah what?! It’s the 4th month of the year already??? Holy cow, I haven’t done anything substantial in my life yet! This is the part where I start to panic and get my self a showbiz manager or start a business or something. >__<;;;

Anyway, I’m back with a new video blog. Was supposed to post it on the brand new, shiny and fabulous My Korean Boyfriend blog but I haven’t posted anything that’s actually worth reading or watching here in a while, so… here you go!

This latest Krimmy Couple video blog was shot last March 27, 2011 at the Globe Run for Home event. Just so you know guys, we are not very fit or very athletic people. In fact, the last time I ran was a year prior, for the 2010 installment of the same event. We chronicled our adventure on video because it’s our first “couple run” and even did HHWR (Holding-Hands-While-Running) for the first time! This vlog is rather special because there was a special participation of Ms. Miriam Quiambao. True story.


My Korean Boyfriend Dot Com

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Click on the image to watch amateur inter-cultural porn videoblogs.

To celebrate our first anniversary, I’ve decided to let go of the wordpress blog and launch a new one with a kickin’ domain and a personalized layout! See you at!