How to Take Care of Your Skin When You Are Doing Night Shifts

Skin Care for Graveyard Shift Call Center Agents and Nurses

This is the 21st Century and in this age everything can be done.  This means that gone are the days where the concept of day and night is literally boxed with this framework – ‘You work during the day and sleep at night’.  In this generation the concept of day and night may be different and this might be in this thinking – ‘I work at night so I sleep throughout the day’.

Both statements are still applicable today but the thought of working at night may be relatively new to a lot of people and may think that in terms of fitness, this might not be a healthy working option particularly for the girls.  This kind of work schedule might affect the skin as this is the most obvious one to be affected when it comes to stressful situations.  But as they say for every problem, there is always a solution most especially to skin problems.

So, for those boys and girls who are currently assigned to work on the night shift, do not fret as there are ways to take care of the skin so it stays soft, smooth and healthy even if you stay alive and awake all night.

Face and Skin Care for Graveyard Shifts

Always Have a Basic Skin Care Regimen

Whether you work at night or during the day, make sure that when you go out for work and before you sleep you have a CTM (cleanse, tone, moisturize) routine as your basic skin care.  The three simple steps are as follows:

(1) clean your face with water and with your preferred facial wash
(2) tone it for firmer results and
(3) moisturizer it with a daytime moisturizer.

These three steps are actually the very basic skin care you only need to remember.  There will be add-ons if you work at night.  The add-on is just your eye cream, which will help fight the black eye bags since you will be up all night.  Before moisturizing, apply eye cream underneath your eyes for protection.  Also before going to sleep, instead of the day moisturizer, apply night cream before sleeping.  The cream will help regenerate the skin when you are resting.

Hydration is Important:  Drink Lots of Water

Water is essential, vital and very important.  Most people take this for granted but this is actually the secret to younger looking skin.  The trick is just to keep oneself hydrated most of the time.  The belief that you need to drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water is true to its sense.  Nowadays, drinking water is even measured by litres.    One needs to drink 3-4 litres of water a day.  So, having a water bottle at your desk when you work even at night is the easy way to follow this regimen.  The best part is that water is even the best alternative to any drinks.  It does make your skin look young and relaxed most of the time.

Make Sure You Get Enough Sleep

Even if you stay up all night for work, always make time to get that recommended 6-8 hours of deep and good sleep.  Remember that it is when you sleep that the body is replenishing and rejuvenating.  Lack of sleep always has an effect not only on your skin but even to your hair and nails.  A very good tip to get that uninterrupted sleep is to snug in a comfortable bed in a quiet room with no sounds of phone ringing.  Moreover, try dropping that curtain down to simulate a dark night and you are ready to snooze and go to dreamland.  Goodnight!

Remember Good Digestion

Digestion is the process by which food is broken down into simple chemical compounds that can be absorbed and used as nutrients or eliminated by the body.   If this process is not properly followed by the body, this can actually lead to break outs in the skin and this is termed as acne.  Thus, it is important to maintain a good digestion.  Normally, the body takes about six to eight hours for food to digest.  So, before planning on hitting the sack, give about five hours before your last meal.  In this way, food is digest properly and you will have uninterrupted sleep as well.

Stretch or Take a Walk When There is Time

This just means that if it is your break time or lull time, take this opportunity to condition your body that it is currently on work mode. So, do some stretching or go up and down the stairs or simply take a walk around the office.  This is a way of reminding your body that it needs to be active and energetic.  In a way, it burns at least a few calories which may have positive and beneficial effect to the skin.

Keep Sunscreen Handy

Surely the sun is smiling when you finish work and this is not an excuse that you will not apply sunscreen just because you are headed home.  This is even an important time of the day to put on that sunscreen.  In this age that the ozone layer is at its thinnest, any amount of sunlight touching the skin can certainly bring damage to it.  Hence, prevention is better than cure.  With this, make sunscreens a regular item on your make-up kit or leave also another one in your office drawer.  Keep this in mind always.

Be Conscious of What You Eat

Healthy eating and living a healthy and active lifestyle are still the basic reasons that one skin is soft, smooth and young looking.  This is crucial to all individuals.  Even actresses and actors see to it that they have a healthy and balanced diet so to complement the things they do.  Take note that their greatest assets are their skin and most of all their looks.  However, no amount of medicine or surgery can take place a natural smooth skin.

To summarize, if you do not like the choices stated above and the job you love requires you to work the entire night, worry not as things will be okay and everything will look normal.  Although the fact still remains that working at night and keeping yourself awake adds additional stress to the body in general and the skin in particular.  To address this, there are alternative routines that will not tire the skin too much.  The secret here is to make the skin happy and certainly no unnecessary stress will happen.  Just follow the guidelines above pertaining to skin care and one can never go wrong.