Sidelines, Raket and Part-Time Ideas for Busy Filipinas

Raket Ideas for the Busy Pinay

Being busy is not something that you should dislike but is something that you should be thankful for because this means more dough and a comfortable life as expected.  Being a woman, one is sometimes caged in a box and is expected to do certain gender specific roles.   However, in this generation, women are empowered (especially the Filipinas) to explore anything and prove their worth in the end.  The female professionals in particular are now in control with their lives in the way they want it and in a way that works best for them. This includes what, when and how to start a “raket” (business) that they love in order to augment income but at least there is no pressure of earning much.

This just simply means earning a passive income that might go a long way.  You never know where the end of this endeavour is going, so if it keeps going, it is for the better, if it stops then it stops.  Everything will be just fine.

Our friend Joan Gomez, who started doing a lot of raket and part time businesses before establishing her franchising businesses (Star Frappe and Cuisina Meals) shares her simple money making ideas which can be helpful tips to working Pinays if they want to earn a little on the side.

Try Freelancing If You Are Expert On Something (Or Even A Lot Of Things)

Freelancing Partime for Busy Filipinas

If you think that you have the skill and is adept to a particular specialty, a certain talent or a kind of service, then you have a future in freelancing.  The key here is to let people know (people here refers to your circle of KKK – Kaibigan, Kamag-anak, Katrabaho) that you offer a service that they badly need and that great results is expected.

With freelancing, this is not permanent and the best part is if you are busy as a bee, you can do this maybe once in a quarter but make sure that the price is right.  The goal here is to let you earn on the side making use of your ‘other’ strengths.

There are gazillion ways to earn with what you can offer.  Begin identifying those and start planning on how you can make money out of what you love to do.

Part-Time Selling (Of Practically Anything)

Selling OnlineSelling is always tantamount to money.  Certainly, whenever a sale is made, a profit is definitely earned.  Come to think of it, there is so much to sell and the people you meet every day are possible consumers of these goods.  From food to clothing, shoes and bags to accessories and even skin care, one can basically sell all of these on the side without the pressure of sales.

There are many kinds of ‘selling’ business, choose what is best for your time and personality.  From plain selling to direct selling to multi-level marketing, these various selling frameworks are so much available and is just waiting to be picked by you.

The great deal on this is that if they like what they bought, they can be repeat customers and for all you know you have employed a very strong marketing scheme which is by word of mouth.  So, think of items or things that will entice the people around you so they will pay money for it but leaves not much pressure on your part.  This is probably the best possible way to generate that passive income.

Making Your Hobby A Business

Baked goodiesIt is always a joy to know that you can actually monetize the things you love to do.  More so, if these things are collecting interesting and noteworthy items such as books, furniture and even jewelleries, cooking, baking and even gardening.   All of these passions will be more meaningful if you turn it into a business. Putting profit as the least of the priorities, this concept will surely grow and capture a niche market that is loyal to the way you do business.  This will not only be profitable in the end but a stress fee kind of work.  This is your hobby, remember that.

Make Use Of The Power Of The Internet

Use the Power of the INternetThe most powerful tool today is the internet and the online world. For the most of it you can actually make and have a life by just being online or wired most of the time.  From engaging in the art of online business to plain encoding, typing and writing, money is just very easy to earn and convenient to do.  Imagine, you are sipping your favourite brew at the comforts of your home and with just a little click of your fingers and the price is right, a deal is closed and everything is converted to cash.  The trick is, be savvy in exploring the web, and find ways to make money out of it.

Other Interesting Rakets

Part time for Busy Pinay

If you think you do not have anything to offer, you might be surprise with other menial jobs that also pays well.  Try your luck in local voice over jobs, TV and radio roles like side, extra and (maybe) lead, organizers for fund raising gigs, concerts, plays, movie screenings and even fun runs (or any sport events for that matter).

Think also of the stuffs you have at home.  A weekend garage sale in your community is not a bad idea after all.  At least with this, you clear your stuffs and surely the saying “my pera sa basura” is so true.

Making extra and passive incomes are not bad at all as long as it is all lawful, moral and allowed.  If you are an independent single woman, the spare income can let you enjoy your weekends more and if you are a working mom, all these hard earned money is straight to the needs of the kids.  As long as you enjoy what you do and does not make you dead tired after a day’s work, then these ‘raket’ ideas is something worthwhile to do.  You never know where all this will lead you someday but as it is always known that great things start from small beginnings.  So, enjoy your beginnings.