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FunnySexy Videoblog: I’m Yours

Written by funnysexy on December 5th, 2007. Posted in Celebrity, Love and Relationships, Pop Culture, Video Blogging


Yes, kids. I bring you another stupid video of Kring. After Coy won a $100 in the FIlipina Writing Project for his entry about the Funniest Filipina vloggers (which featured me oh gawd please don’t ask why I know I’m friggin’ corny alongside HappySlip and Tanggera), I kinda got pressured to do another one.

So one rainy afternoon, whilst the Philippine military was wrecking the main entrance of Manila Pen during the recent coup d’etat, and the lights were set up at our office for Amanda Griffin’s VTR (who, btw is madderfakken gorjas), I thought,”Hey! Why not make a total fool of myself like I always do and post the video on the net to impress guys and perhaps get Victor Basa to propose to me?!”

Hence, this crack.

FunnySexy Videoblog: The Job Interview

Written by funnysexy on September 18th, 2007. Posted in Humor and Crack, Pop Culture, Video Blogging

So Coy inspired me to somehow get off my ass and finally make my first video. No, I don’t really have much time in my hands, as apparent by my absence on this blog. I did it for two hours, editing included. But I’m not going to make any excuses for my lame-ness… This is me and this is all you’re gonna get. And I never said I was pretty, bitch!

Behold, the first of a (hopefully) series of my FunnySexy videos, which are meant to make me single eternally. Woot!


This may or may not be based on real events. v_v

ps: I was interviewed for uhm, THE BUZZ WTF (and News Central again) last night and thank God for Luanne and the make-up (I love you, smokey eyes!) she put on my stressed face.


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