Things Women Do That Men Secretly Think is Sexy

*Eats cake with feelings*

The thinking that men are from Mars and women are from Venus is practically true and is very much accurate.  As interesting as it is, a man complements a woman and vice versa but most of the time the perception of the two species are so different and far fetch from each other.

This is why until now there are still issues on differences, gender biases and stereotypes.  Society is still so engrossed with the thought that it is what a woman do that actually initiates fondness and liking to a man and not the other way around.  Thus, women may not be so conscious about what they do on normal occasions that easily catches the attention of men.  However, if you observe and make a sense out of it, these ‘normal’ actions are actually the things that turn men on.  Surprisingly then a woman out of the blue gets a buzz and for all she know, she is already dining at her favourite restaurant.

For the steady couples, this might be the time that a woman wonders what she did to deserve a special dinner or to receive an unusual gift on an ordinary day.  With this, the lists below are identified common things that the female species are doing, that men secretly find it to be very sexy and stimulating.  This might help women out there to realize that these ordinary actions should be done more often so as to have a dynamic relationship with her man.

Sexy Woman 2

For the single woman, this list might open the opportunity for you to date a guy as he often thinks that what you do is so sexy in his eyes.

Making Your Hair Messy

This probably does not make sense in the mind and eyes of a woman but to men, messy, muddled and chaotic hair is something to be charmed about.  It speaks of being natural and organic to him especially if the hair is down and unkempt.  Women may practically splurge on hairstyle but the fact remains that even if your hair looks like you DGAF it still is very sexy and is a simple way to shrug your presence to any men around.  Besides the hair is the basic asset to attract a guy, simply play with your hair and move hair from one side to the other so neck is revealed.  Do this in a sexy way and men will be in awe with what you do.

Putting on Your Sweaty and Disheveled Look

There is always something in being active that makes it very sexy most especially to men looking at women with their athletic attire on.  The fact that you are in the road to a healthy lifestyle adds to the thought that you are an amazing woman.  Moreover, sweat is not gross as most people think and women who sweat a lot doing crunches is a lot more appealing.  So, even if you are all sweaty and disheveled, what men see is that you are glowing and glistening.

Doing Stretching

Just like being sweaty, extending and reaching body parts before and after an intensive workout is something so sexy in the eyes of a man.  As they say, stretching is a guy’s kryptonite.  This will be much more evident if the gal is wearing short shorts or is into her leggings and fitting sports attire.  A woman caught loosening up a muscle is something so intriguing to men around.  So, just continue to roll and expand and think that you are sexy doing this.

Eating With Feelings

This seems very natural and normal but usually men find it very cute if they see women eating ice cream or cupcake where licking and biting are used at the same time.  Even the thought of dropping the food on your shirt and wiping it off seems a sexy act for the boys.  What more if you are eating something big and long such as the sweet yellow bananas?  It surely is way too sexy for the guys.

When You Blush

It makes him a man if a girl is glued in a conversation with him. This conversation is an open opportunity for flirting.  When the girl does it gently and is in congruence, usually the guy flirts back in response.  Furthermore, this is also the time that the guy will make a compliment and the expected outcome is that the girl obviously blushes and looks away.  This on the other hand is the sexiest reaction to him.  So, what can I say, Congratulations, you just made his day awesome.

Wearing His Baseball Cap

Wearing of anything manly is actually sexy in a little bit of sense and more so, if the person under that baseball cap is a fan of the sport itself.  I am talking about girls wearing baseball caps and talking about home runs, strikes and innings.  This is quite a flattering experience to the original male fan of the sport.  Not to mention that this is also an adorable and gorgeous look on any woman.  This kind of look is something stimulating and intellectually sexy and any man will surely stop and look at how good you look on that cap.

Wearing That Stilettos

High heels are the in thing in women fashion.  Aside from the fact that if you put these shoes on in women’s feet, it actually makes the legs look longer and very attractive.  Thus, if you happen to pass by a guy with those pumps on, surely he will look at your shoes then your legs and way up to your face and wishes that he knows you at that very moment.

Playing an Instrument

It does not really matter what the instrument is, whether string or wind, the fact that a woman knows how to organize rhythm and harmony is already sexy in thought.  Scientifically speaking, a woman seen to play a harp, a drum or a flute is even considered ten times hotter than any other scene.  It is just plain sexy. Period.

The things mentioned above are the usual, ordinary and common things women do.  Now that everyone is aware of these simple things that keep men more stimulated and engaged with women, it seems a little fun knowing that guys have vulnerable points as well.  Oh at least there are eight weaknesses (pertaining to women) identified above.  With this, it makes men easier to read and understand and most of all, you know where to hit them big time.