What Kind of Scents Should a Woman Use in the Office?

Scents you should use based on your job

The illustrious French fashion designer, Coco Chanel once said that “A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.” When you are a woman and reading this, surely you would pause, read again and again, interpret and finally believe in it.   Because this line does not just come from anybody, it came from someone who hails to be the only fashion designer that is included in Time magazine’s top 100 most influential people of the 20th century.  With this news, any girl should think and start running a list on her head on the different scents of perfumes, colognes or body sprays that she has on her closet and check out if she have sprayed one of those on her body today.

However, if you have not worn any of those fragrances, then start making a habit of wearing one as this will make or break your career.  This may sound absurd but it has shown that how you smell really does matter in the workplace and this greatly affects your relationship not only with your co-employees but to your customers or clients as well.

Perfume Scents You SHould Use on Your Job

So, the question is not anymore “Do I need to wear perfume?” but instead, “What kind of scent should I use?” Interestingly, if you are going to be scientific about these fragrances, there are actually certain meanings that a particular smell exudes and the hardest part is choosing how you would want to smell.  Eventually, it would really be lovely to hear people say “It smells like you”.  Let’s start by giving labels to these scents and describing its smell distinctly in terms of ‘scent perceptions’.  Keep in mind that the underlying thought that the fragrance exuded by a woman is much more influential than the grip during a business handshake.  Hence, scents and sensibility goes together.

The Woody Scent

This kind of scent implies honesty, trustworthiness and loyalty. Patchouli is its classic ingredient.  This usually features earthy tones, woody fragrances that include warm notes like patchouli, amber, sandalwood and oakmoss.

Some examples of perfumes on this category are La Vie Est Belle (which means “life is beautiful”) by Lancome.  This bottle has the blend of iris and patchouli. Sahara Noir by Tom Ford.  This perfume is made with oriental woody notes, based on incense.  It also features frankincense, cypress, bitter orange and cinnamon. Amber Mystique by Estee Lauder and Body by Burberry are also considered woody as its base scent.

This scent is intended for the independent business women, those who are working in the fields of finance or law as this is a male dominated field and your voice as women should be heard thus your fragrance will help you on this.

The Fresh Scent

This whiff exudes a fun-loving, energetic and high spirited kind of individual.  Fresh scents are literally crisp and clean smelling that you always want to spray it on you all day.  Topping this scent is the Amazing Grace Fragrance Eau de Toilette by Philosophy.  This perfume emanates a clean and classic feminine scent.  Rice Dry Oil by Fresh is also one great example of this scent. If worn, you get the faintest hint of fragrance.  This is cleaner, subtler and more natural. The J’adore Eau de Parfum by Dior on the other hand has a spring-summer scent.  The Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum by Chanel targets the young generation and is still ranked as number one in the best perfume survey.

This particular scent is recommended for those working in customer service and administration.   With the kind of job that you have, there is a need to smell light and unobtrusive.  This is also the kind of scent that is needed for health professionals and the likes because its scent is not overpowering.

The Oriental Scent

This is also referred to as the amber fragrances.  This kind of fragrance radiates sophistication, stimulation and sensuality. Its substances include vanilla, musk and precious woods that have exotic floral and spicy scents.  CH by Carolina Herrera is a classic example. Black Opium by YSL also displays a sexy and feminine scent.  Angel Eau de Parfum Shooting Star by Thierry Mugler is included and this one belongs to the category of ‘oriental gourmands’ that means a mix of spicy and ‘edible’. The Sexy Amber by Michael Kors emanates this fragrance too.

This kind of scent is for the empowered women who are daring in their jobs.  Those who work in the news, advertising and online realms are most likely to wear this scent as their personality exudes an aura of strength and competence.

The Floral Scent

This is quite the more feminine one.  It emits a dreamy and conveys a hopeless romantic, light hearted kind of gal.  Some of the popular floral scents hitting the market are Kate Walk on Air by Kate Spade.  This bottle has light, floral tones. Another one is Flora by Gucci.  Also, the Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana.  This one has citron, lemon, jasmine, rose, bamboo, cedar wood, Granny Smith apple, amber and musk giving it a truly light fruity-floral mixture.  The Flower Bomb by Viktor & Rolf is consistently a shelf favorite as its name always appears on the ranks of best women perfume.

This scent is best for those working with children or the elderly such as caregivers or teachers because of its happy, light and floral scent.

These categories and descriptions of the scents are base only on mere perceptions and views but some information are actually on the marketing notes of the products itself.   But if one talks about scents, essences and whiffs.  It is actually the ‘juice’ that matters. According to the president of The Fragrance Foundation, Elizabeth Musmanno, when it comes to perfumes, colognes, fragrances, body sprays and mists, it is all about the juice.  She said that “In this business, you cannot make lemons into lemonade, no matter what and how much you spend on packaging, marketing or advertising. The fragrance has to have a point of view. The recipe has to be right. It’s like a great meal — if it hits the spot, you’ll go back to it over and over again.”  Thus, a certain scent is captivating, attractive and appealing in itself and a must have for all women on the go.   The choice is yours – woody, fresh, oriental or floral? Pick one and you will have a brighter and better future ahead of you.